A substantial part of all “Sports for Peace” events is the conferment of the “Sport of Peace” Awards.

These extraordinary awards will honour exemplary athletes and organizations who comply with their function as role models in a very special way – namely through their sporting achievements as well as their clear commitments to humanity, fair play and social welfare. A high-level committee will determine the award winners in the following categories:

• Fair Play
• Inspiration: Muhammad Ali Award for Outstanding Personal Courage
• Gesture of Peace and Understanding

With the “Sports for Peace” Awards, the world of sport gains an internationally recognized, most noticeable long-term mandatory form of honour on the basis of universally applicable values and ethical principles. In selecting the prize winners the focus lies on the humanitarian commitment and inspirational power of the considered athletes. To that extent, the “Sports for Peace” Awards represent a moral incentive to follow the example of the esteemed sports personalities. Additionally, the winners gain by receiving the “Sports for Peace” Awards also a valuable opportunity to present their own humanitarian concerns and projects to a broad audience.

An example is "Children for Tomorrow" founded by former tennis star and chairwoman Steffi Graf. The Foundation contributes through specific psychotherapeutic assistance and supportive measures for fighting for the welfare of children and their families who became victims of war and persecution.