The idea of creating "Sports for Peace"

Stimulus and global platform for joint activities in the areas of fair play, international understanding and idealism

Sport as the inspiration of society
Everywhere in the world sport plays an important role in society, for it is capable of conveying basic rules and essential values of peaceful coexistence – such as tolerance, team spirit, loyalty and fair play. In addition, sport is especially suitable to form character skills, which are important for a fulfilling and happy life, because sport as a medium also gives the value of discipline, endurance, courage and self-motivation. Thus it builds a powerful basis for social change. The message of sport is understood anywhere in the world – bridging all differences between cultures, faiths and individual personalities. In that respect, sport is not only a universal instrument for the general development of society and a catalyst for the elimination of prejudices and the emergence of intercultural understanding. By conveying the ethics of sport, it also lays the foundations for a more peaceful, humane world.

Sports and Olympics have been used for the good and the bad of politics.